An Unexpected Kind of Happening.

Been thinking whether to switch back to blogger. Even though I’ve been using the wordpress interface for quite awhile, I’m still having problems uploading photos :/

The past few days have been kind of gloomy for me cause my aunt was admitted to hospital. Been visiting her nearly everyday. Can’t understand why some relatives don’t extend their help, instead they keep suggesting stuff to me and my family. I mean like, we’re already doing as much as we can, why don’t yall do it and help to instead of asking us to do more stuff. I’m not claiming to be the best helper but at least it won’t hurt for the rest to offer some help, no?

I think I’ll be back to blogging properly soon. I miss blogging weekly like I used to in my secondary school days. Also, I do feel that my English standard has dropped drastically, argh! I def need to write more, I don’t want it to drop to the extent that I get nervous when I have to write for websites and stuff.

I don’t think I’ll be cosplaying for L2P or EOY. I was intending to finish up my Faith cosplay (from Mirror’s Edge), but now I don’t think I’ll have the time. Oh well. Looking forward to the photoshoot for next year. I might pick up parkour formally as well so I can do more stuff for the photoshoots, not just for Faith but afew other nimble characters as well.

Games I’ve completed recently:

1. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attroney on iOS! I’ve always wanted to play the game but never got down to buying it. Bought it on my phone two weeks ago when I fell sick and couldn’t sleep. Completed it and I’m hooked! I’ve always loved detective/mystery games so it ain’t really surprising, been looking at the trailer for the new Professor Layton VS. Ace Attroney too and it really looks good! I’m considering cosplaying one of the chars for a photoshoot next year (if I can find the time). Akane has already cosplayed Edgeworth and we can totally do a shoot together and I have some ideas so I hope to be able to pull my plan through.

2. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective also on iOS. This was also bought and completed when I was sick. I loved the ending! It’s just so epic and unexpected! Actually, I did notice (the final character) being there in afew scenes, but I never expected that it was how the story would end! Yet another new favourite game, I do hope they’ll create a sequel in the far future. I love the vector style art as well, it kinda reminds me of The World Ends With You.

That’s all for now I guess. Needa complete my school work and prepare for tmr & friday’s lessons.

Mello out!

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Too sick to talk D:

Hey guys~
I’m back. So, not exactly sure if there’s any guys left lol. Anyway am sadly sick today. My bronchitis seems to have popped back. I hate not being able to breathe properly :< Watching my fav Korean reality show, Running Man, while typing this. Go Yooruce Willis! \m/

I feel like changing my blog url, but I think the one I want is already taken. Ahh wells.

On a side note, been playing abit more KOF lately. Hopefully I can improve hehe.  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Mello out~

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I’ll be back, soon.

Hey guys,
After a pretty long hiatus, I’ll be running this blog again from around the middle of next month. I think it’s become a time that there’s so many events I end up going for em’ one after another and somehow, I end up with a ton of old photos and posts I never uploaded.

Anyway, I hope to be back blogging too. Maybe I should make it a habit to at least once a week ^^

Mello out!

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And it shall be, what the future commands of it;

Hola guys!~ (^______^)
I am back. Back from the mundane tendencies of what homework brings, though I’d have to admit, I’m pretty proud of my work this time. It’s something I would at least call decent, given my tendencies to be hard on myself. Sometimes I feel a real lack of resources when I want to do projects hence having to choose other alternatives to replace stuff which kind of disappoints me. Ah wells. Talking about being back, I’ll be back reporting game news & covering events as well, so do keep a look out for that. Have a couple of game reviews to do as well.

In the meantime, I’m on my one week school holiday, so any friends who’s free to meet up do let me know. The other half of the time is going to be spent preparing for Cosfest and the upcoming projects I have for this blog & CosplaysOfTheWorld. More info will be released in the next update.

Anyway, looks like the next two weeks will be rather interesting (other than the fact that I will be starting my new school term next week). I will be interviewing Taiwanese cosplayer, Neneko at the Youth Mascot Parade on Saturday. Pretty excited about it, she looks kinda cute to me too. Will be posting up the blogposts on previous events I’ve attended as well, even though it’s kind of late, but well, for memories sake. Other upcoming events include Cosfest next week and I am really excited about my plans as well. Somehow everything just fell into place, it’s such a coincidence that quite a few of my friends have decided to cosplay this series for Cosfest. No doubt it’s a popular series, but this group of people who are all familiar with each other and didn’t plan on the group will end up in one, and I’ll be part of it too. Quite afew of them are friends whose cosplays I really like love, can’t wait for next week! Wondering what we’ll be doing? Y’all will have to wait for photos from next week to find out, so stay tuned! ;)

- Nano Mello x

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one more down, now four to go;

I can’t wait for next month. Been so busy lately, I have so much I want to post about here but I just can’t find the time now. But recently, I feel a surge of energy. Sometimes I wonder, if I’ll ever get tired.

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and let it be drowned in darkness;

Been really busy lately. Kinda happy that school’s okay I guess. I like my ARCS team. Been writing alot elsewhere lately, really surprised myself this time by the amount of stuff I can generate. Faster, better, stronger. I feel gooood.

Somehow, I know of that shadow, of someone following me, but I realized something interesting. She to me, is like Sora to Roxas. Except that both of us are the counter part to the other. Neither of us is truely darkness or light. I guess I don’t mind after all. I have no mind to defeat her purposes or anything. I’ll just continue working on my own life.

Apart from that, there’s quite abit of stuff I want to do. Events are coming up as well. Today’s the only day I have some freed up time to clear the files off my laptop. Got the photoshoot photos from a past modelling session as well.

I feel like I’m living a dream.

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Imagining; Reincarnation.

Fans who are really into the Persona games and franchise would probably have heard of the Youtube group called ATLUSXP5, a music group that is putting together a “fan-made album” and related art of what they predict Persona 5 would be like, if the game is ever made. An avid fan myself, I’ve been watching their videos increase over the months, half wondering when there would actually be news of a P5 game out, that is, until recently when the group released a trailer (or two, there’s an English &  a Japanese ver) of the said “game / album”.

Well, recently I’ve come across an article that kind of suspects that the group is in fact, Atlus themselves. I’ve sort of suspected that myself too, but wondered why no one has commented about that yet. Anyway, I highly agree with what the article says, being that “ATLUSXP5″ have used Atlus’ logo multiple times, and the fact that they have 70 videos in their Youtube without being banned or anything, hinting that it could actually be an official account with a possibility of Atlus not wanting to announce Persona 5 yet since the hype for Persona 4 is going up again due to the remake for PS Vita and also with Persona: The Mayonaka Area. The videos also contain the Altus’ copyright sig with “2012″ and the official PS3 logo, could the new Persona be made for the PS3? I believe it will be afew months before they make any announcement on Persona 5, if it even exists at all.

Meanwhile, do enjoy some music from the rumored “Persona 5 soundtrack”.

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Soundless Voice, call my name;

Recently, I’ve been listening to Utaite covers of Vocaloid songs. Okay, one thing yall should know about me: I like the designs of vocaloids, kinda like quite many of the songs created with vocaloids, but there’s just one thing that I can’t seem to adapt to… the voice of the vocaloids. I mean, I have no idea why. I’ve tried listening to songs I like lots of times trying to get used to the sounds of the Vocaloids, hoping it would grow on me, but unfortunately it hasn’t, (shoot me here, Vocaloid fans) I just can’t make myself like those squeaks. (even though I actually like the squeaky sounds of R2-D2) ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

Hence, I’m really thankful that there are many awesome Utaites out there so I can listen to the nice songs sung by an actual human! o(≧∇≦o)

Here are some of my favourites:
Song: 「Soundless Voice」
Utaite: Valshe
Admit it, I kind of have a thing for sad sounding songs, so yes, this does appeal to me. If you’re not into deep feeling songs, skip this one.

Song:「からくりピエロ-piano.ver-」English Ver.
Utaite: Nano / ナノ
I love Nano’s voice, she was born in New York and tends to write English lyrics for the Vocaloid songs in Japanese. Interestingly, this Utaite shares the same name as my first name in my alias. ;)

Song:「Rolling Girl」English Ver.
Utaite: Nano / ナノ
It’s one of those songs that I wonder why I even listen to. On the first listen I honestly thought it was kinda dumb meaning-wise, but somehow I find myself listening to this song over and over again. Oh well, an unexplainable mystery. “She begs to be rolled one more time”? Huh?

Song:「The Beast」English Ver.
Utaite: Nano / ナノ
It’s just really cute. The fairy tale-ish feel it gives somehow makes it sound like something that could be in a musical. Cute, cute, cute is all I can say.

Hmmm, maybe someday I shall have the guts to actually cover one of these songs. I kinda find it difficult to actually sound good singing any of these songs without making it sound droid-ish. Ah wells~

- Mello x

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Pika Pika Carnival!

Went to the Pika Pika Carnival at Isetan Scotts Level 4 today!
I chanced upon it when I was surfing the web to find out where to buy Happycall pots as a Mother’s Day present for my mum. (they do sell the pots as well) Anyway, I read on their promo banner that they are giving away Pikachus for anyone who owns a Pokemon Black or White cartridge for the Nintendo DS and I definitely wanted one!

The Pika Pika Carnival is until 20th May, so you still have 8 days to get your Pikachus!

Even though event is held in a pretty small area, they still managed to pack 3 carnival games, a tv display and various Pokemon merchandizes in it.

The carnival game, Finish The Race with Pokemon, costs $5 a turn while the other two games cost $3 a turn. You can get your carnival credits at the payment booth.

The cute carnival tickets!
The carnival games~
left: Finish The Race with Pokemon game, played with an Xbox Kinect connected to a laptop. Right: The famous Pikachu artwork that is at every Pokemon Center, along with the game that I played.

You are guaranteed a prize no matter which game you play, however, the scores you get in the game determines whether you receive the more valuable prize or the normal prize. I played Klink’s Mini Game once and got the normal prize which is stickers of Snivy and Oshalott / ツタージャ & ミジュマル~ The other prize for that game is a Pokemon notebook.

Most importantly, I’ve received my Pikachu as well! Here’s a video of me getting my Pikachu~ All you have to do is switch on your DS when you are there and select the “Receive Mystery Gift” option after you press start. Then connect to the WIFI in that area and you are ready to receive your Lvl 100 Pikachu! I’ve also noticed that each cartridge receives a different Pikachu as my awesome friend, Isa’s Pikachu is of a jolly nature while mine has a relaxing nature and loves to eat.

Pokemerchandize for sale!

The merchandize on sale at the carnival include water tumblers, bento boxes and cutlery, bags, stationary, stickers, stamps, plushies and cards from the Pokemon Trading Card game. They have also brought in the Pokemon Battle Chess game at SGD$10. They have provided an english manual as well and from the tv display promo, it seems quite fun to play. Plushies on sale inclue Pikachu, Chikorita, Oshawott, Lugia, Tepig, Minccino, Scraggy, Emolga and more. All these items are usually only sold in Japan at the Pokemon Centers there and cannot be bought elsewhere, so if you want something, do get it now, or you’d need a plane ticket to Japan to get your hands on it!

I bought the set of Pokemon cookie cutters which consists of Pikachu & Oshawott / ミジュマル . Well, I intend to cut mini sandwhiches and pancakes as well so they arn’t just for cookies =3 I also kind of really wanted to get the Pokemon stamps and the Battle Chess game, but didn’t want to spend that much cash at one go.

They are also giving out free Pichu cardboard visors! At first it was kinda confusing trying to put them on, but then one of the guys told us that you are supposed to fold the flap up and then down to get the visor shape front without ripping it apart.

I do hope that the organizers do bring in more and bigger Pokemon events in the future. I really liked this event even though it was in a really tiny area and there isn’t that much stuff compared to other Pokemon events overseas. They are doing surveys at the door so do help them fill it up and let them know that we want more!

PS. If anyone is interested to trade Pokemon on Pokemon Black / White, do check out my Pokemon Trading page.  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

PPS. There are also hanging ads in the MRTs promoting this event, do grab one if you see it because it allows you to redeem a free Pokemon sticker. I saw people collecting their stickers, but unfortunately, I’ve not come across a train with one of them. If anyone has extras to spare I’d appreciate it if you’d pass one to me!

Ciao for now!
-Mello x

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Cherry Tree High Comedy Club Re-mew~

Mew! (=^・^=)
Hey guys!
Check out my review of Cherry Tree High Comedy Club here at SGCafe.

CTHCC is a fun little dating sim style game for the PC developed by Doujin Circle 773. Had fun both playing the game and writing the review. ヽ(^Д^)ノ

Till then,
- Mello x

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