Imagining; Reincarnation.

Fans who are really into the Persona games and franchise would probably have heard of the Youtube group called ATLUSXP5, a music group that is putting together a “fan-made album” and related art of what they predict Persona 5 would be like, if the game is ever made. An avid fan myself, I’ve been watching their videos increase over the months, half wondering when there would actually be news of a P5 game out, that is, until recently when the group released a trailer (or two, there’s an English &  a Japanese ver) of the said “game / album”.

Well, recently I’ve come across an article that kind of suspects that the group is in fact, Atlus themselves. I’ve sort of suspected that myself too, but wondered why no one has commented about that yet. Anyway, I highly agree with what the article says, being that “ATLUSXP5″ have used Atlus’ logo multiple times, and the fact that they have 70 videos in their Youtube without being banned or anything, hinting that it could actually be an official account with a possibility of Atlus not wanting to announce Persona 5 yet since the hype for Persona 4 is going up again due to the remake for PS Vita and also with Persona: The Mayonaka Area. The videos also contain the Altus’ copyright sig with “2012″ and the official PS3 logo, could the new Persona be made for the PS3? I believe it will be afew months before they make any announcement on Persona 5, if it even exists at all.

Meanwhile, do enjoy some music from the rumored “Persona 5 soundtrack”.

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